A Woman Intentionally Coughed All Over Food In This Grocery Store And They Had To Throw Out Over $35,000 Of Fresh Produce

While there are a number of people doing their part right now and being responsible and kind to others, one woman at a grocery store in Pennsylvania acted like a complete nightmare.

What she so cruelly and intentionally did cost a small grocery store more than $35,000.

It blows my mind that some people can be so vile.

Taking to Facebook, the co-owner of Gerrit’s Supermarket, Joe Fasula, shared the heartbreaking situation.

“Today was a very challenging day,” he started out his post by saying, before delving into the disturbing details.

Facebook; Joe shared the above photo after food had to be thrown out

“At 2:20 PM today, I got a call from our Hanover Township store. The manager informed me that a woman, who the police know to be a chronic problem in the community, came into the store and proceeded to purposely cough on our fresh produce, and a small section of our bakery, meat case, and grocery.”

“While there is little doubt this woman was doing it as a very twisted prank, we will not take any chances with the health and well-being of our customers.”

“We had no choice but to throw out all of the products she came in contact with.”

“Working closely with the Hanover Township health inspector, we identified every area that she was in, we disposed of the product and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected everything.”

Joe went on to share the rest of the story, along with the silver lining he’s been able to find amid all this.

Facebook; Joe shared the above photo of staff members working hard to clear the shelves

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