After Going On An Online Date, This Single Mom Of 3 Was Found Dismembered And ‘Professionally Packaged’ In Trash Cans

Ingrid Lyne was a 40-year-old mom of three daughters living in Renton, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. She worked as a nurse at the Swedish Medical Center and loved her job.

Her friends and family members described her as an amazing mom who was very devoted to her girls.

She was married to Phil Lyne, and the couple had their three girls Reese, Brooke, and Noelle together before getting divorced in 2014.

Despite their split, Ingrid and Phil had a great co-parenting relationship. But Ingrid was interested in finding love again, so she started talking to men online.

“She was busy working and was kind of dating off and on,” her friend Crissa Franceschina told PEOPLE. “Obviously the girls were her main focus and kept her busy.”

Ingrid eventually met a man named John Robert Charlton on a dating site, and the two began a relationship.

They dated for about a month, and even though Ingrid didn’t talk about John a lot to her friends, Crissa said he did spend the night at her house a few times.

Clearly, Ingrid thought she could trust him, but there was no way this mom-of-3 or anyone close to her would be able to see that John was ultimately capable of downright evil.

Facebook; Ingrid snaps a selfie, above

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