After Meeting On A Popular Dating Site Claiming He Was A Millionaire And Marrying A Year Later, Husband Kills Wife After She Found Out He Was Lying All Along

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes was a 39-year-old mom to a young son. She met 50-year-old David Tronnes on the popular online dating site Match.com back in 2013.

It wasn’t long after they met that David told Shanti that he was a millionaire several times over, claiming he inherited from his father a substantial sum of money: $4 to $6 million dollars.

David then moved to Florida to be with Shanti, and the couple eventually moved to Copeland Street in Delaney Park, which is an upscale neighborhood in Orlando. Homes routinely sell for seven figures in the area.

The couple ended up tying the knot, but they were only married for around a year before Shanti lost her life.

Shanti’s death, along with their entire marriage, ended up being built upon David’s lies. And when Shanti got wise to what reality actually wise, David did something horrific about it.

Facebook; Shanti, her son from a previous relationship, and David are pictured together above

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