College Girl Puts Her Newborn In A Shopping Bag, Dumps Him Like Trash And He Died: 12 Years Later, She’s Finally Being Charged With His Death After Starting A New Family

It was not long before Christmas, December 4th, 2008, when utility works discovered a heartbreaking scene in the woods.

Someone had wrapped up a 2-day old newborn baby boy in a shopping bag, put him inside a cardboard box, and abandoned him right there on the side of the road in Red Hill, South Carolina.

He sadly was not alive when he was found by the utility workers.

An autopsy was performed on the infant, who was called Baby Boy Horry for being found in Horry County.

It turns out, this poor baby had been alive when he had been wrapped in the plastic bag and dumped like trash.

He was then buried just a few miles away from where he had been found, in Hillcrest Cemetery.

Robert Edge, the Horry County Coroner, showed up to his gravesite every year with other people that lived locally to hold a memorial service.

“Baby Horry became part of our county family as he was discovered abandoned just three weeks before Christmas in 2008 and we are eager to assist in pursuing justice for him,” Tamara Willard, Horry County Deputy Coroner, mentioned in a statement.

“Robert, myself, and our department appreciate everyone who has helped us remember him and celebrate his short life throughout the last 11 years.”

Authorities tried to figure out who Baby Boy Horry really was, but the years ticked by with no leads, and then the case went cold.

Now, 12 years after this infant’s death, his killer has finally been found, and it turns out she was a college girl at the time of giving birth to him.

Horry County Police Department; pictured above is 32-year-old Jennifer Sahr, mom of Baby Boy Horry

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Joseph Hill, the Chief of Police for Horry County, revealed in a statement that they had used scientific evidence to find 32-year-old Jennifer Sahr.

DNA testing confirms that she is the mom of Baby Boy Horry.

Jennifer, who had been known as Jennifer Rickel 12 years ago, had been attending college at Coastal Carolina University when she gave birth to Baby Boy Horry and left him all alone to die.

She then moved on with her life. She got married. She had two more children. She moved to Escambia County, Florida.

Horry County Police Department; Jennifer smiles in the photo above

After warrants were issued for her arrest, the Carolina Regional Fugitive US Marshals Task Force arrested Jennifer in the North Myrtle Beach area while she was with her two young children and her husband.

Greg McCollum, Jennifer’s lawyer, claims she was going to peacefully turn herself in.

Authorities have confirmed that they know exactly who the biological father of Baby Boy Horry is as well, even though they have not yet publically release his name.

They also say Baby Boy Horry would be alive today if he had not been left to die like that.

Jennifer has been charged with homicide by child abuse, and if she’s convicted she could be spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Horry County Police Department; pictured above is Jennifer after her arrest