Dad Asks The Internet If He Is In The Wrong For Not Wanting To Get Rid Of His Gang Tattoos ‘For The Sake Of His Daughter’

A dad logged online to ask the internet for some help. He wanted to know if he was in the wrong for not wanting to get rid of his gang tattoos “for the sake of his daughter.”

“I spent 7 years in prison and I got out three years ago. I’m now 30,” he started out his post by saying.

“I was a criminal and a horrible person. I did a lot of f***ed up stuff, most of it related to my gang”

“I currently have a two-year-old daughter, Mia. Me and the mom aren’t married but we share custody of Mia.”

“When Mia was born, I was already halfway out the door of the gang and the birth of Mia gave me the push I needed.”

“I moved away with Mia and her mom and we tried our best to start over. I love Mia with all my heart. She saved my life.”

“I have a lot of gang-related tattoos. And I do mean a lot. They are pretty prominently displayed on me and are noticeable.”

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