Dad Asks The Internet What To Do After His 16-Year-Old Daughter Refused To Come To His Wedding To His New 21-Year-Old Wife Because He Cheated On Her Late Mom With Her

Ok, buckle up for this one. A dad asked the internet what to do after his 16-year-old daughter refused to come to his wedding to his new 21-year-old wife because he cheated on her late mom with her.

“I got married last weekend in my parent’s house which has been in the family for generations. For health reasons, only immediate family was there,” this 50-year-old dad started out his post by saying.

“My daughter(16-years-old) had been calling her new stepmom (21-years-old) names like home wrecker and prostitute and I have been patient with her.”

He went on to explain that he has been seeing his new 21-year-old wife for about a year now.

“She assumes I left her late mother because she had breast cancer…I did not leave her mother for having cancer. Nobody decides to have cancer.”

“However, her late mother kept using her illness to devalue me and my sense of identity.”

“She’d criticize the way I was taking care of her and even stuff like my hygiene or the cologne I was wearing.”

“She made me feel worthless and I felt like she was projecting her own insecurities by saying the smell of my cologne was disgusting because she never made an effort to keep herself up and despite the fact that I objectively found her disgusting sometimes, I stuck by her until my self-esteem was destroyed.”

“I would work hard closing deals all day and be acknowledged for my efforts at work, yet I’d go home and she’d criticize and nag about every ounce of my being.”

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