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Dad Of 4 Being Praised As An ‘Absolute Hero’ For Catching Kids Thrown Out 2nd Story Window Of A House On Fire

It’s a situation we all never hope to find ourselves in: a house fire.

This past Tuesday, a family of 7 in Piscataway, New Jersey, had their house go up in flames in the early morning hours.

Luckily, their neighbor, Mario Reyes, a dad of 4, jumped in to help do what he could to save them from the flames.

Now, he’s being praised as an “absolute hero” because he caught 2 children that were thrown out of the second-story window by their mom.

Facebook; above is the photo posted by the Piscataway Township of the home that burned

In a post on Facebook, Piscataway Township said the following:

“Deep appreciation is expressed to Piscataway resident Mario Reyes who saved a family earlier this morning from a burning house across the street from his home.”

“At one point, Mr. Reyes caught a baby and a toddler that had to be dropped from a second-story window by the mother.”

“Mr. Reyes also went into the burning house at risk of his life to save others, bringing one adult out of the house.”

“All family members were taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for examination and treatment.”

“The house on West 4th Street was unfortunately destroyed by the fire. Attending to the scene were the Arbor Hose Company #1, Inc. – The Pride of the North Side, New Market Fire Department, North Stelton Volunteer Fire Company, and South Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department with Borough of Middlesex, NJ firefighters on standby. Also attending were the North Stelton Rescue Squad, River Road Rescue Squad, HMH JFK EMS and RWJBH Mobile Health – EMS with South Plainfield EMS for rehabilitation.”

Angel Gomez, the mom of the two children that she threw out the window, insisted it was the only way she could have attempted to save them.

“I said, ‘I’m gonna throw them downstairs, I’m gonna throw them to you.’ I sent all my kids down and he was catching them. Every throw, he would catch them,” Angel told WLNY.

“Thank God for him, because he didn’t drop them at all. He was just catching them, catching them, catching them.”

“This man is an absolute hero,” another neighbor named Bianca Clark Muhammad said to the outlet about Mario.

Bianca was the one who called 911that morning, and she went on to say that Mario even got a sledgehammer and used it to take out the bars on the basement window of a home. After he did so, a man inside the home was able to get out that way.

“Like, he caught babies, he broke down bars. And if they didn’t react the way they did, I’m certain that no one would’ve survived that.”

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