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Desperate Dad Asks The Internet What To Do After Buying A Puppy That His Wife Wants To Dump For Being ‘Too Hard’

I’m just going to come out and say it; this one got me heated.

A desperate dad asks the internet what to do after buying a puppy that his wife wanted. Well, not his wife wants to dump the puppy for being “too hard.”

“Wife and I (and our 18-month-old son) got a puppy (we’ll call him Ed) a little over a month ago,” he started out his post by saying.

“Wife has never been a dog person but she actually approached me about getting one.”

“In fact, she was the one who found him. I told her that having a puppy was going to be a lifestyle adjustment and that it would be very hard in the puppy stage.”

“As we sat in the car after meeting Ed for the first time I reminded her it would be hard and that I didn’t want to do this if she wasn’t committed.”

“We got the dog.”

“We are a month into it and she wants to give him up.”

“She says he’s too hard because he doesn’t listen, runs away when she lets him out to go potty (we have a shared yard living situation) and likes to steal our son’s toys and chew on them.”

“These are all true issues, but he’s a puppy for heaven’s sake. I’ve got him signed up for puppy training.”

“In reality he’s a pretty dang good dog. Kennel training and potty training is going relatively well.”

“It just feels like she hates the dog and never gave him a chance.”

“I’ve bonded hard with Ed and it’s going to break my heart if we give him up. I also always told myself I wouldn’t be that person that gives up a dog just because it’s hard.”

“It’s not fair to the animal in my view. Am I the a**hole for digging in and trying to get her to see that things will get better in time?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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