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Did This Dad Go Too Far? He Told His 5-Year-Old Her Doll Died To Teach Her A Lesson, Now His Wife And The Internet Are Upset

A dad recently took to the internet to ask for help after he did something pretty drastic to teach his daughter a lesson.

It involved killing off her doll.

Now, the internet is pretty heated about what he did, his wife is upset, his daughter seems devastated, and people are saying he may have gone too far in his attempt to teach his 5-year-old something.

“There’s been a handful of cases in my area and there seems to be very little government effort to slow down the spread,” he said in a post.

“I’ve been encouraging my kids to wash their hands frequently but my 5 y/o daughter isn’t washing her hands enough.”

“I came up with the idea to throw out one of her dolls and tell her it died of the coronavirus.”

“She’s pretty upset and my wife said it was a stupid thing to do. I just want to limit the chances of us all catching the disease, especially since I work in a care home.”

One person replied to him with, “Yes. It’s stupid. Instead, maybe buy her a scented hand sanitizer, or go on a special outing to get fancy soap.”

“NEVER LIE TO YOUR KIDS. bending the truth is okay, but not lying.”

This dad replied back asking, “I had not considered this. Very good idea, thanks.”

“It seems I’ve made a huge mistake she’s been crying for some time now.”

“What can I do about the doll? Can I ‘bring it back to life’? Or should I just get her a new one?”

Someone gave him this advice on how to fix the situation he created, “Make a HUGE hospital play, were you revive the doll back to life.”

“I’m trying to teach her healthy habits of course,” this dad explained about his reasoning behind everything.

“I’m going to buy a few packets of anti-bacterial hand wipes and ask her to use those for herself and her other dolls to prevent them from getting sick.”

Even though a lot of people felt strongly about what he did, they were quick to provide help and suggestions for how to move forward.

This dad even realized he was too drastic in his parenting measures and shared what he was going to do to fix everything.

At least he was trying to come from a good place and wanted to do what he could to do better at the end of the day.

“I see now it was a dumb idea,” this dad admitted at the end.

“I’m getting her a nurse doll to revive her dead doll and have her place it into quarantine for a while for recovery.”

“Wife is off buying scented soaps too. She has been crying a lot over her favorite doll dying so I hope this makes it all better…”

You can read the original post here.

What do you think? Would you have handled this the same way? Let me know in the comments below.

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