Disney Characters That Keep Behaving Badly: Check Out More Of Their Mugshots Here!

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You already got to see what some of your favorite Disney princesses would look like if they decided to live a life full of crime! Well, more of your favorite Disney characters have been arrested, and you can check out their mugshots here.

J. Shari Ewing is the amazing artist behind all of these creations, and you can buy a mugshot for just $15 on Etsy.

The Evil Queen

Villain Mugshots Evil Queen image 0

The Evil Queen certainly looks sour about having been arrested. Her crimes include domestic abuse, attempted murder, and practicing the dark arts.

You can buy the Evil Queen’s mugshot here for $15!


Villain Mugshots Gaston image 0

No one’s slick as Gaston, no one’s quick as Gaston, and nobody looks better in their mugshot than Gaston! He’s in for sexual harassment, inciting a riot, attempted murder, breaking and entering, assault with a deadly weapon, and restraining order violation. That’s quite a list of crimes!

You can buy Gaston’s mugshot here for $15!

The Queen of Hearts

Villain Mugshots Queen Of Hearts image 0

We all know the Queen of Hearts has a bad temper, and I bet it got even worse behind bars. She is facing charges of corruption, domestic abuse, animal abuse, and slander.

You can buy the Queen of Heart’s mugshot here for $15!


Villain Mugshots Maleficent image 0

Maleficent is my all-time favorite villain, and her mugshot is perfect. Practicing the dark arts, attempted murder, and destruction of property are what she’s in for!

You can buy the Maleficent’s mugshot here for $15!

Cruella DeVil

Villain Mugshots Cruella DeVil image 0

Cruella DeVil, Cruella DeVil, if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! Well, this evil thing landed herself in hot water with the law for animal cruelty, mayhem, conspiracy, and reckless driving.

You can buy the Cruella DeVil’s mugshot here for $15!


Villain Mugshots Ursula image 0

I wonder how this sea witch will fare in jail? Ursula is in for attempted murder, practicing the dark arts, animal abuse, and fraud.

You can buy Ursula’s mugshot here for $15!

The Beast

Villain Mugshots Beast image 0

The evidence tag on his horns is the best! The Beast is in for domestic violence, abduction, assault, and false imprisonment.

You can buy the Beast’s mugshot here for $15!


Villain Mugshots Hades image 0

Hades looks pretty pissed to be here, but I would be too if I had better things to do, like run the entire Underworld. He’s in for abuse, accessory to commit murder, and disturbing the peace.

You can buy Hades’s mugshot here for $15!


Villain Mugshots Scar image 0

If he thought he was surrounded by idiots before, just wait until he spends some more time behind bars. Scar is in for attempted murder, domestic violence, and murder.

You can buy Scar’s mugshot here for $15!


Villain Mugshots Jafar image 0

The Royal Vizier of Agrabah has been knocked down a few pegs for sure now! Jafar has had his mugshot taken for attempted murder, fraud, and larceny.

You can buy Jafar’s mugshot here for $15!

Randall Boggs

Villain Mugshots Randall Boggs image 0

Randall Boggs from Monsters, Inc. is now fittingly behind bars. He’s in for human child abduction, attempted murder, harassment, and human child abuse.

You can buy Randall Boggs’s mugshot here for $15!

Captain Hook

Villain Mugshots Captain Hook image 0

I wonder if Captain Hook can try to pick the lock on his cell to get himself out? He’s in for piracy, child abuse, child abduction, and attempted murder.

You can buy Captain Hook’s mugshot here for $15!

Mr. Smee

Villain Mugshots Mr. Smee image 0

If Captain Hook is behind bars, it only makes sense his boatswain is too! Mr. Smee is in big trouble for piracy, abduction, accomplice to attempted murder, and attempted murder.

You can buy Mr. Smee’s mugshot here for $15!

Tick Tock

Villain Mugshots Tick Tock image 0

Tick Tock from Peter Pan is one of the most interesting characters to end up behind bars! He’s in for attempted murder, harassment, mayhem, and violating a restraining order.

You can buy Tick Tock’s mugshot here for $15!

Dr. Facilier

Villain Mugshots Dr Facilier image 0

Dr. Facilier, also known as the Shadow Man, is the evil witch doctor from The Princess and the Frog. He has ended up in trouble for fraud, abduction, aiding and abetting, and practicing the dark arts.

You can buy Dr. Facilier’s mugshot here for $15!

The Mad Hatter

Villain Mugshots Mad Hatter image 0

The Mad Hatter isn’t technically a Disney villain, but it looks like his strange behavior has finally caught up with him! He’s in for public intoxication, fraternizing with a minor, and possession of narcotics.

You can buy the Mad Hatter’s mugshot here for $15!

Lady Tremaine

Villain Mugshots Lady Tremaine image 0

I’ve never been happier to see someone behind bars! Lady Tremaine, better known as Cinderella’s evil stepmother, is in for domestic abuse and conspiracy. That’s what you get for being so terrible to Cinderella!

You can buy Lady Tremaine’s mugshot here for $15!

Mama Odie

Villain Mugshots Mama Odie image 0

Mama Odie, our favorite voodoo priestess, got herself into a bit of hot water, here! She’s in for tax evasion, animal abuse, and distribution of voodoo magic goods without a license.

You can buy Mama Odie’s mugshot here for $15!

Madam Mim

Villain Mugshots Madam Mim image 0

Anyone remember Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone? Madam Mim got into trouble for attempted murder and practicing the dark arts.

You can buy Madam Mim’s mugshot here for $15!


Villain Mugshots Fidget image 0

Fidget is the bat from The Great Mouse Detective! He landed himself in a mugshot for breaking and entering, assault, abduction, and larsen.

You can buy Fidget’s mugshot here for $15!

Madame Medusa

Villain Mugshots Madame Medusa image 0

Madame Medusa is the villain from The Rescuers. She’s in for child abduction, child abuse, domestic abuse, and animal abuse.

You can buy Madame Medusa’s mugshot here for $15!