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Dr. Oz Admits He Will ‘Never Understand’ The Toilet Paper Shortage And Here’s His Advice For How To Handle Everything That’s Going On Right Now

Dr. Oz hopped on Facebook to share a photo of a wiped out shelf where toilet paper used to be, and I’m sure you’ve seen something similar in your grocery store recently too.

He admits he will “never understand” this crazy toilet paper shortage (honestly, same) and he has some wise words to share with people amid this outbreak.

Facebook; Dr. Oz is pictured above

“I went shopping today and there was no toilet paper. (Much to my chagrin there was plenty of soap.) Why we buy out toilet paper is something I’ll never understand,” Dr. Oz posted on Facebook.

“Humans are a hearty bunch. We’ve fixed problems far under the sea and on the face of the moon…yet we panic buy more toilet paper than we can possibly fit in our carts and cars.”

“(1) Don’t panic — keep your distance from people, and if you feel sick, stay home. (2) Buy the essentials for two weeks, no more. Leave supplies for everyone else. (3) Trust in the fact that if you somehow run out of toilet paper, a friendly neighbor would find a way to safely deliver you some.”

“And if it really came to it, our ancestors survived without TP. This is my way of telling you to stay calm and keep your head down. We’ve faced plenty of challenges before, and we’ll figure this one out too.”

Facebook; Dr. Oz shared the photo above when out shopping recently

One person on his post pointed out, “Just be grateful you have a shower to jump into! Could be way worse.”

“I’m grateful for running water. I’m grateful to be able to turn on my stove. I’m grateful to have a refrigerator. I’m grateful to have entertainment such as a TV, a telephone and a computer.”

“This is way better than a natural disaster that displaces you from your home.”

Another person added, “I agree. These corporations really need to limit the quantity of certain items per customer.”

“I went to the store the other day and the limit was 5. That’s entirely too much of one item for one person.”

“My daughter is sick and I can’t even get one bottle of Lysol. That’s all I need. It seems like so many people are in panic mode but if you are well educated about the virus and know the ways to help stop the spread of it you should be fine.”

“We all need to be courteous and respectful during this time. Working together is what’s going to get us through this.”

You can check out Dr. Oz’s original post here.

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