Guy Needs Online Advice After Telling His Friend With Benefits To Get An Abortion: She Insists On Keeping The Baby, Despite Their Previous Conversation

A guy set out for some online advice after his friend with benefits got pregnant.

He told her to get an abortion after she insisted on keeping the baby, despite the fact that they have had previous conversations about this topic.

“I’ll try to keep this brief but no promises,” he started out his post by saying.

“I have been active with a friend with benefits for a few months now and we agreed that I would be in charge of the contraceptive but should anything go wrong that she would get an abortion, as neither of us would be in a position to raise children properly at this stage in our lives.”

Seems pretty responsible to be having that conversation in the first place.

“The worst did happen and she is now pregnant and came to me telling me that now that she is pregnant she feels differently about it and will no longer be getting an abortion, and more or less demanded that I should be in the child’s life as it deserves a father.”

Oh boy, so things are really not going as planned in more ways than one.

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