Her Uninvited Cheating Father Showed Up With His New Family At Her Sister’s Wedding After Abandoning Them, So She Refused To Let Them All In And Turns To The Internet For Help

I don’t think it’s possible to have a wedding without some major incident or family drama going down…correct me if I’m wrong.

This woman took to the internet to get some help after her uninvited cheating father showed up with his new family at her sister’s wedding after abandoning them…

…And she refused to let them all in.

“My father (who now lives in another continent) left our family for his current wife when I was 13 and my older sister was 17,” she started out her post by saying.

She elaborated in the comments by stating that he left all of them to be with another woman and then moved 2 hours away to live with her.

“When people get divorced, they literally walk out on their family unit. So yes, he walked out on our family for someone else and became an every other weekend dad to me.”

“Especially at a time when I really needed him home because I was struggling with bullying and dropping grades.”

“I’m not blaming parents who get divorced. People get divorced for legitimate reasons. (Abuse, miserable marriage, getting cheated on etc.).”

“He left because he was cheating. He could have fought for 50% custody, but he didn’t because it was too inconvenient.”

She felt abandoned and saw him only every other weekend, but then stopped coming over when she was 16.

“I also hated those visitations. I needed stability during that time and I felt really unsafe and insecure. We had to move out of the house where I lived my whole life.”

“My sister never forgave him and the last time she saw him was 12 years ago, in court. She got married recently and I was in charge of the whole affair.”

She added that she stopped seeing her father when she was 16 because she hated to go over to his new house and see him and his wife.

“It was a pretty big wedding as my brother in law comes from a prominent political family.”

“On the day of the wedding, my father showed up to her wedding venue, unannounced and uninvited, wife and 3 little kids in tow, who I assume were my biological half-siblings.”

“As soon as I was intimated about his arrival, I dashed to the entrance (where he stood waiting) and tried to deal with the situation without anyone knowing.”

“I didn’t want my sister and mother to know about it as they were in a good mood and I didn’t want to ruin that.”

“I also had to attend to some very important guests and wanted to fix the situation quickly.”

“It turned out that my sister’s former best friend/stepcousin ‘Dorothy’ contacted our father and gave him a fake story about how my sister really wanted him back in her life and that the only reason she didn’t send him an official invite was because of our mother.”

She elaborated on the Dorothy situation, saying, “He was told that my sister didn’t want to be contacted directly because our mom monitors her phone and email. (She doesn’t. It’s a ridiculous made-up story).”

“Apparently, he was told that my sister asked Dorothy to send the invite on her behalf.”

“It was an awkward situation, I had to explain that Dorothy and my sister had a huge fight last month and my sister ended up severing all ties with her.”

“It finally dawned on him that he was used as a pawn to ruin my sister’s wedding.”

“He was heartbroken but insisted I allow him into a distant secluded spot to at least view the ceremony from a distance.”

“I told him I couldn’t do that and asked him to leave before anyone from my mother’s family showed up.”

“His wife was furious, and the oldest half-sibling silently sobbed.”

“I was running out of time, so I asked the hotel security to escort the family out of the venue.”

She said she felt bad, “but I didn’t want my sister’s day ruined.”

“I did tell her about it later after her honeymoon. She said that I did the right thing.”

“I just feel icky because they had traveled all the way from another country and showed up to the venue all dressed up.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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