His 13-Year-Old Daughter Wanted To Shave Her Head, So This Dad Did It For Her And Is Now Wondering On The Internet If He Shouldn’t Have, Especially Since His Ex Flipped Out On Him For It

A dad told the internet that his 13-year-old daughter wanted to shave her head bald…so he did it for her.

Now, he’s wondering if he shouldn’t have, especially since his ex-wife flipped out on him for it.

“Last year, my daughter (13F at the time) asked me if she could get her head shaved. She was going to go to the local salon and have them do it,” this dad started out his post by saying.

“This was a surprise to me, she is otherwise very girly and even when she was younger she was very invested in how she looks.”

“I asked why she suddenly wanted to shave her head and she said that a girl she follows on Instagram did it for charity and she thought she looked good and wanted to try it.”

“I tried to explain to her that the other kids might make fun of her and that at her age even a boy would have a rough time being bald at school.”

“She wasn’t phased and still wanted it done.”

“At that point, I thought that at least it would grow back if she ended up not liking it. It’s not as if she’s doing something permanent like a tattoo, it might take a few months but it won’t matter in a few years.”

“I told her that it’s not worth paying for at the salon and agreed to shave it myself in the bathroom.”

“I used my beard trimmer to get her down to the stubble, and then, at her request, used one of those disposable BIC razors to shave her completely smooth.”

“At first, she seemed happy with it. But just a few hours later I overhear her in her room FaceTiming one of her friends, she was clearly upset.”

“After I hear her hang-up I went into her room to ask her what was wrong. She said that she regretted what she had just done.”

“She said that she felt ugly and that she felt like it would take forever to grow back. I told her that I did warn her against it, and she agreed it was her fault.”

“I still did feel sorry for her, so I offered to buy her a wig, she found one on Amazon and I ordered it for her.”

“Problem was, this was a Saturday and it wasn’t going to arrive until Tuesday, meaning she would have to go to school for two days unable to hide that she was bald.”

“I reassured her that she still looked beautiful and that in a few weeks nobody would care anymore.”

“She was still nervous and upset like any woman or girl would be in that situation, but the next morning she was feeling a lot better than I expected her to be.”

“That evening, my ex-wife, who has custody of her and my son (9M) Mon-Fri came was coming to pick them up.”

“I called her in advance to explain the situation to her and she was furious.”

“She called me a moron and said I shouldn’t have let a 13-year-old girl make a drastic decision she could so easily regret.”

“I maintained that at 13 kids should start to have a bit more freedom when it comes to their appearance and that it would be a good lesson about how she should think harder about decisions that cannot be immediately reversed.”

“This was almost a year ago, my daughter’s hair is now at a normal length, her friends were supportive of her throughout the whole thing and the situation never led to any major conflict beyond my ex being pissed off at me for a few weeks.”

“Looking back on it, I’m not sure what I should have done. Thoughts?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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