Man Asks The Internet If He Was In The Wrong For Not Telling His Step-Sister He Knew Her Husband Was Gay For Years

You know how they say there are always two sides to every story? Well, I can completely understand all sides of the story on this one, which is rare.

A man asked the internet if he was in the wrong for not telling his step-sister he knew her husband was gay…for years.

“My stepsister is 16 years older than me and, while there’s no bad blood/beef or anything, we’re not at all close,” he started out his post by saying.

“When her mum and my dad got married, she was already in her 20s and didn’t like kids so we never really hung out or got to know each other or anything.”

He went on to add that his own mom passed away, and then their parents ended up together.

“Just wanted to put that out there to establish the kind of relationship she and I have from the get-go.”

So, knowing this, it definitely makes you wonder if you would be forthcoming with this level of secret knowledge in the event you were in his shoes.

“I found out that he’s gay two years ago.”

Here’s how he found out…and how his step-sister then eventually found out.

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