Man Refuses To Buy His Single Mom Tinder Date’s Kid A To-Go Meal And The Internet Is Blowing Up With Hilarious Responses

Online dating can certainly bring out some characters, but I’m not even sure how to characterize this single mom Tinder date.

A man refused to buy his single mom Tinder date’s kid a to-go meal, and the internet is blowing up with some hysterical responses over it.

“I met a girl on tinder a few weeks ago, I knew she was a single mom but since I’m just trying to have fun wasn’t really a turn-off,” he started out his post by saying.

“We’ve hung out pretty much every other day since the initial meet and she’s pretty bubbly and assertive about things she likes etc.”

Ok, sounds like everything is off to a great start! You can meet some cool people online, I mean, I met my husband on Tinder!

“Spur of the moment last night I asked her if she wanted to get some food so we went out to a well-known food stall where the average price is (around) $15 per meal,” he went on to say.

“Obviously I paid for us both and we ate our food.”

“As we were about to leave she suggested in a cheeky flirty kinda way If I’d buy a meal to take home to her kid since her kid loves street food.”

“I laughed and said no (because) it seemed a dumb request. I ain’t trying to buy another parents’ child food especially not at those prices.”

“She got real huffy with me and surprise surprise said she wanted to go home.”

“Cool, no problem, she went home and by the time I had driven back home I’d had around 6 or 7 messages saying I was ‘so close to getting it’ but I was an a**hole for not paying for her kid’s food.”

He then asked the internet who was in the wrong, before providing some more information on everything.

The internet certainly didn’t have any advice, but they had some replies that had me in stitches!

One person pointed out, “Your whole post boggles my mind on multiple levels, but I’ll share just one: why did it take her 6 or 7 messages to make that (utterly ridiculous) point? She couldn’t have gotten her thoughts across in 1 (or, at the most, 2?)”

“I can imagine it now…” someone else said:

“M1: Goodnight and please delete my number

M2: So sick of men nowadays…what happened to all the Gentlemen????

M3: You know what!! You shouldn’t have dated a single mother if you weren’t prepared to pay for my kid’s dinner. WE ARE A PACKAGE.

M4: And you know what! You missed out on a catch!

M5: You were soooo close to getting to but I guess it’s just you and your hand tonight!”

“We’d already slept together so I wasn’t really sure why she thought busting that one out would work on me,” he added. “So confused because she’d done all the (metaphorical) chasing etc.”

“Sounds like she needs a sugar daddy, not a bf,” commented another person.

“She doesn’t need a sugar daddy. She needs Chef Boyardee.”

And then a single mom weighed in, “Former single Mom here. I’ve NEVER had a date pay for my kid’s meal, nor did I ever suggest it, and if they had suggested it…it would have been weird!”

“I take that back…long term relationships would pay, that’s if we were going out as a family night type thing and we were already a couple. But just dates…no way.”

“You dodged a crazy bullet.”

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