Man Wants The Internet To Weigh In On Him Quitting His Wife’s Family Business After His Father-In-Law Promoted His Much Younger Brother-In-Law To His Boss

So a 33-year-old man wants the internet to weigh in on him quitting his wife’s family business after his father-in-law (FIL) promoted his much younger brother-in-law (BIL)…

…To his boss. The guy is only 24.

“I guess I should start with the background. I’ve been working at my FIL’s company for the last 12 years now, it started as me shadowing him when I was at college, progressed to me taking a year out from college working as a paid intern and then getting the job and working my way up,” he started out his post by saying.

“During interning I met and then started dating my wife (35f), who at the time I just thought was a receptionist.”

“During my time at the company, we have grown significantly from having a small and crowded office space to being one of the leading firms in our field, with offices worldwide.”

“The way the business is set up is that my FIL is the CEO and majority shareholder, a couple of his buddies take up the Chief and President of whatever roles and then you have the managers.”

“I currently answer to someone who is like the Vice CFO (50s m).”

“The CFO (late 60s f) has left the role to become a CEO at a competitor, who has been recruiting a lot of our employees, with my boss replacing her.”

“I was tapped to fill his role when my FIL made the direct order to give the role to BIL. This was around a month ago.”

“I don’t want to knock my BIL as I think he’s a decent guy and has a good head on his shoulders, but he is truly too inexperienced to be in this position.”

“He has been coming to me for advice and I’ve been helping him out because what else are you going to do for family, but the thing is that I feel like I should have that job and I’m basically doing his job for him with him getting the credit and me being paid way less than what I should be.”

“Last week the wife and I were out in town and we bumped into the former CEO and her husband.”

“She asked me how I liked my new role and I basically told her that BIL has the role but everything is going good.”

“She told me that their restructuring at the other company and the CFO role is available if I want it, the pay is a smidge below what a CFO should be getting but is around 3x what I’m making now.”

“There’s a lot of opportunity to grow and if I play my cards right I could be CEO by the time I’m 45.”

“The wife thinks I should take the role, but has admitted that she’d prefer it if I didn’t as it would make family get-togethers incredibly uncomfortable (lol).”

“At the end of the day, she believes that it’s my call as it’s my job and she will back me 100%.”

He then asks if he’s the worst for wanting to go ahead and quit after his brother-in-law is promoted to his boss, and then go work for this competitor.

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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