Married Man Caught The Virus While On A Trip To Italy With His Mistress But His Wife Is In The Dark About All This

I think it’s rare that karma really catches up with the people who probably deserve it the most, but this married man certainly caught something on his secret trip to Italy.

The Sun reports that this man is in his 30s and has currently gone unnamed to the media, and he said to his wife that he was going to be taking a trip for business somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Well, he didn’t go to the UK. And he didn’t go on a business trip.

It turns out, this “well-heeled and with a high-flying job” man took a secret trip to Italy to spend some time with his mistress…

…And while he was there, he caught the virus that everyone is the most concerned over right now.

When he got back to England, he did reveal to his doctor that he was having an affair with a woman, but he is not about to tell anyone what her name is.

“This patient is the talk of public health officials,” a source informed The Sun, “His case would be funny if it wasn’t quite so serious.”

They went on to say, “the man confessed what he’d been up to in Italy and that his wife has no idea.”

“She thinks he just picked up the disease on his business trip away.”

His wife is currently self-isolating in their home somewhere in England. It’s not clear if this man is also at home with her too now.

“Although the patient admitted to medics what had happened, he said nothing would persuade him to name his mistress.”

“Despite his infection, he is expected to survive the outbreak, unlike his extra-marital relationship.”

Well, TBD on that one, because it sounds like he’s not about to let his wife know what really happened, and that’s sad.

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