Married Man Wants To Know If He Should Have Picked Up His Very Drunk Ex When She Called Him At 3 AM While The Internet Debates How Crazy She Is

A married man recently asked if he should have picked up his very drunk ex when she called asking him for a ride at 3 AM on a Friday…

…But the internet was pretty preoccupied with just how crazy this ex is and continued to debate that instead of giving him some straight-up advice.

“My ex-girlfriend of 2 years ago randomly called me at 3 am on Friday night asking (very drunk) if I could come to get her because she lost her cards and cash and needed a ride home,” he started out his post by saying.

“I woke up with my very pregnant wife next to me completely pissed and even if my wife wasn’t next to me I didn’t leave the last relationship on good terms so I said nope sorry I’m not your guy and hung up.”

“To make sure she was safe I texted her bro who I’m on good terms with and who I knew was awake playing Fifa and he replied back straight away letting me know he’d get her home.”

“Went back to sleep, the next day my mom called me very sternly telling me off that I did a despicable thing and that I should have picked up my ex no matter what.”

“My ex’s mom and my mom are friends so maybe she found out that way I’m not sure, but I said hell no it’s not my responsibility to make sure random people are safe especially not when my pregnant wife is next to me feeling all kinds of what the f*ck.”

“My mom is usually real calm and collected but she was firm in telling me I was wrong and the a**hole.”

“I’m so weirded out by her behavior I feel I need to ask if I am the a**hole?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

“Read the riot act to your mum, blocks crazy ex’s number and get on with your life without any more thought of this incident,” one person replied, and then things got heated while people discussed just how crazy this ex really is.

As the argument over crazy continued, one person sagely said, “Calling someone you broke up with 2 years ago at 3 am because you lost all your stuff and need a ride doesn’t exactly scream “well balanced and stable”.

“This kind of behavior is exactly what I would consider appropriate to label someone as a crazy ex.”

“Or it shows that even though they broke up on bad terms, she still trusted OP enough to come to pick her when drunk and kinda lost? He does seem like a good guy because he did make sure she got home safely,” another person mentioned.

“But her brother was awake and able to get her. How does she go for ex from two years ago before her own brother? Seems shady,” commented another person who I have to agree with here.

“Oh yeah, if he picked her up you just know that the next morning this crazy lady is making up all kinds of stories about how he made advances on her etc. She wanted him alone with her. He’s smart enough to avoid that potential liability,” yet another individual weighed in with.

“She had a plan and it wasn’t a good one that much is evident.”

I think we can all agree it’s definitely shady to call up your ex from 2 years ago when he’s married and has a child on the way.

You can view the original post here. What do you think?

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