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Meet K9 Kozak, The Newest Electronic Detection Dog Named For One Of The First Childhood Survivors Of A Brutal Internet Abduction

K9 Kozak is downright adorable, but he has one very important job to perform.

He’s the newest electronic detection dog at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, and there aren’t a lot of dogs that do his job yet.

What exactly is Kozak’s job?

Wisconsin Department of Justice; K9 Kozak is pictured above

He sniffs out electronic devices such as smartphones, hard drives, and computers, and he is an incredible asset when it comes down to investigating crimes against children that have occurred on the internet.

If criminals try to hide electronic devices, K9 Kozak can find them through sniffing out and detecting the chemical compounds used to manufacture them.

It’s not just child predators that are using electronic devices; there has been an increase in using electronic devices with all kinds of different crimes.

“When people think of police canines, they often don’t know the true range of tasks different dogs can accomplish,” Attorney General Brad Schimel said in a press release.

“Kozak has already assisted agents in discovering evidence that might not have been found.”

“Kozak’s first deployment was in August of 2018,” the press release went on to say about him.

“Since then he has been deployed to a scene 47 times. He’s located 136 electronic storage devices, 99 of which he found after officers had already searched the scene.”

“Kozak was also twice deployed as a comfort canine for a victim in court proceedings.”

He was even named for one of the first childhood survivors of a brutal internet crime; Alicia Kozakiewicz.

Wisconsin Department of Justice; pictured above Alicia smiles with K9 Kozak, who was named after her

In a post on her website, Alicia said:

“I am so honored to have Wisconsin’s newest, and first four-legged, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) officer NAMED AFTER ME! I mean, what an honor!”

On January 1st, 2002, when Alicia was just 13-years-old, she was abducted by a 38-year-old man she had met in an internet chat group.

This internet predator groomed Alicia for months online, pretending to be a teenaged boy the entire time, before convincing her to meet him in real life.

He then put a chain around her neck and tortured her in live streams, holding her captive in his basement located in Virginia.

One of the FBI’s informants saw one of the videos online and tipped them off.

They were able to use digital footprints to track down the Virginia home Alicia was being held captive in and rescue her.

“Officers have shared with me that when they search for evidence, there is a nagging feeling that they missed something,” Alicia shared on her website about K9 Kozak’s important work.

“It is so simple to hide a small device.”

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