Meet This Adorable Outdoorsy Guy Named Oliver, Who Is One Unlikely Travel Blogger

It’s not feasible for most of us to constantly travel the world and explore new places, so finding travel bloggers is an exciting way to get to see new places if you can’t get your vacation time approved.

Oliver is one adorable and outdoorsy guy who also happens to be one unlikely travel blogger.

He’s a white-furred, black-eyed little ferret!

Oliver and his mom Lauren Smith travel around the United States and go on some pretty breathtaking hikes together.

Instagram; pictured above Oliver enjoys the scenery

Well, Oliver can’t walk for as long as Lauren does, so he walks what he can and then catches a ride for the rest.

Oliver really was an impulse buy, and Lauren got him as pretty much a baby. The two have been inseparable ever since!

“Oliver will hike a mile or two depending on how he is feeling that day,” Lauren shared with PEOPLE.

“He will squirm around if he wants to walk, and will lay down in the trail if he wants me to pick him up.”

“When we hike and he gets tired he will ride either in the hood or pocket of my jacket or in my backpack.”

Lauren also shared with them that it took a lot of treats to get Oliver to accept the little harnesses that he wears, and she only decided to take him out for walks after he destroyed one of her couches.

“I figured if it worked to take a dog out for a walk to burn off some energy, why couldn’t the same work for a ferret?”

“I began by just getting him used to wearing his harness, which was a feat that involved a lot of treats.”

Aside from his harnesses, Lauren also got him some other cool accessories like fun bandanas and a tiny tent that’s just his size.

Instagram; Oliver hangs out in his tent, above

Prepare to live vicariously through them and check out some of my favorite photos from their travels!

Instagram; Oliver enjoys a bit of kayaking in the photo above

Instagram; Oliver poses for the camera in the above picture

Instagram; pictured above Oliver just hangs out!

You can follow along with Oliver, Lauren, and all their adventures on Instagram here!

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