Mom Asks The Internet If She Was In The Wrong For ‘Leaving My Husband To Take Care Of Our Newborn Alone’

A mom recently hopped online to ask the internet if she was in the wrong for, “leaving my husband to take care of our newborn alone.”

Here’s her whole story below, but she seems to have a few good reasons for doing what she did.

“I gave birth to mine and my husband’s first child one week ago,” she started out her post by saying.

“My husband and my mother-in-law have since then been acting like I’m extremely fragile and should be on bed rest.”

“I really don’t feel as fragile as they think I am, I can do most everything I used to do before getting pregnant, just now with some mild discomfort and pain downstairs (I’ve gotten through the worst of it by now).”

“Due to having a newborn, and with everything going on at the moment, my husband and mother-in-law have been lecturing me if I try to do anything other than stay in bed with our newborn.”

“If we need anything from the store or have to take care of anything that requires us to go outside, my husband will be the one to run out and take care of it.”

“I’ve only been out less than a handful of times since giving birth and these were just for occasions that I absolutely had to be there for.”

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