Mom Asks The Internet If She Was In The Wrong For ‘Leaving My Husband To Take Care Of Our Newborn Alone’

“Today my husband and I decided we were tired of eating unfrozen chicken broth, and neither of us had the energy to cook, so he went out to get us some takeout.”

“He came back about an hour later with no food (it should’ve taken him 15 minutes max, as the place he was going to was fast food and like a 3-minute drive from our house).”

“Mind you, he left his phone at home because it was uncharged, so this entire time I had no way to contact him and ask where he was at.”

“When he came back, he told me he had been downstairs at my mother-in-law’s apartment the whole time (she’s our neighbor) mounting her TV and getting a few things done for her.”

“He asked if I still wanted takeout. I was obviously annoyed that he couldn’t at least come back upstairs and let me know he’d be taking care of his mom’s apartment first and had me waiting for him thinking I’d get some food by the end of it.”

“I told him no, I’d go get my own food now and that I’m tired of sitting at home just because he and his mom say I should.”

“As I was leaving he asked if I didn’t feel bad leaving our newborn. I told him that he obviously didn’t so why should I.”

“The thing is, I do feel guilty and I don’t know why. I feel like we should both be with our baby right now, even if he thinks remodeling his mom’s apartment is more important.”

One person replied to her with, “Your husband is the father of the baby and can be left alone with his child. For 15 minutes? It’s fine. If you can be left alone with a baby so can he.”

“He is equal of a parent as you are and should take just as much responsibility.”

Another person said, “Your husband needs to resolve his mommy issues, your mother-in-law needs to back off, and the 2 of you will then have the space to figure out a schedule/plan for your own new fam.”

Someone else weighed in with, “You gave birth. Giving birth is not a crime, so your husband and mother-in-law have no right to place you under house arrest.”

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