Mom Asks The Internet If She’s A Terrible Person For Refusing To Make Meals For Her Struggling, Single Mom Neighbor’s Kids

So, this is an interesting situation for you. A mom recently logged online to ask the internet if she’s a terrible person for refusing to make meals for her struggling, single mom neighbor’s two kids.

She starts out explaining that she’s a 30-year-old female. “When my husband and I got our first house I became friendly with our neighbor who had two young children, 2 & 3 (they’re now 7 & 8),” She went on to say.

“Early on I noticed she was stressed, she was working from early to late (I had noticed she was getting home at like 10 pm-11 pm).”

“I started to “accidentally” cook extra, I’d bring over Sheppard pies, meat pies, fish pie, etc, I’d “accidentally” have too many steaks or food that was about to go off and this led to the children just having dinner at ours.”

That’s already extremely generous of her to be doing for her neighbor and her children.

“We recently discovered our daughter (3-year-old) has a meat allergy so everything has been swapped to a veggie option, me and my partner have decided it will make life a whole lot easier to make the switch with her…”

“…To put it bluntly, I’m not cooking two meals.”

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