Mom Of A Young Cancer Patient Shares Heartbreaking Post About Masks And Why People Should Stop Selfishly Hoarding Them

Listen, we already know people are getting really selfish out there with what’s going on.

They’re buying every roll of toilet paper and paper towel off the shelves, snapping up all the meat and canned goods, leaving grocery stores looking eerily like ghost towns, getting into fights over keep things for themselves…It’s ugly out there right now.

I didn’t really consider when hearing about the people ordering up all the masks that there are cancer patients who really need them the most in order to get through their day-to-day lives.

A mom of a young cancer patient named Izzy recently shared this heartbreaking posts about masks and why people should stop selfishly hoarding them.

Facebook; Izzy is pictured above wearing a mask

“She hates this mask,” Izzy’s mom Christine Fego Martin started out her post on Facebook by saying.

“But it’s extremely important she has it. She and other kids whose immune systems are comprised because they are being called to fight the biggest monster ever: cancer.”

“So if your fear of (the virus) has you stocking up on these, please stop.”

“Take your fear and put your attention on washing your hands, wiping down your shopping cart, or sanitizing your hands after pumping gas.”

“Use your elbow to push the elevator button… be a more conscious human so the kids and families who need these annoying preventative masks can actually access them.”

If you want to support Izzy, check out these amazing #TeamIzzy bands that you can get.

As her mom said on her blog, “So many of you have asked how to get your own #TeamIzzy Band so you can support our girl. We are more than happy to make sure we get one to you.”

“Please fill out this Google Form and we will make it happen.”

“If you are feeling so inclined, Izzy has asked that any and all donations collected from #TeamIzzy Bands goes right back to Children’s Dallas. To make a donation, please visit: Donate to Children’s Hospital.”

I sincerely believe that if we all stay kind, stick together, and look out for one another, we’re all going to come out ok.

You can see Christine’s original post on Facebook here and follow along with her blog here.

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