Robyn From Sister Wives Is Defending The Last Episode That Shows Her Daughter Having A Panic Attack

On the latest episode of Sister Wives that aired on Sunday, quite a few viewers were shocked (and even outraged) to see that the cameras kept rolling as 17-year-old Aurora (Robyn and Cody’s daughter) had a very public panic attack.

It was a pretty tough scene for a lot to watch, and following the attack, Aurora sat down to talk about it on camera.

“It’s like, difficult to think and process things cause it feels like my thoughts are simultaneously going a million miles an hour and nowhere at all,” Aurora confessed.

“These panic attacks happen probably four to five times a week.”

“Some of them, I have noticed, are triggered by certain things like when I’m really, really upset or really emotionally or physically exhausted or when I have a high-stress situation.”

“My shoulders and torso will start to shake and I’ll start to have tremors and stuff,” she went on to say.

“By the time I’m in the middle of one, I’m like hyperventilating and I can’t talk and I can’t walk and I can’t do hardly anything for myself.”

“I still struggle to convince myself that I’m not the one causing it. I’m not the one instigating it and knowing it’s not my fault. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just hard.”

TLC; pictured above is a still from Sunday’s episode, where Robyn tries to comfort Aurora during her panic attack

Taking to Twitter, Robyn defended making Aurora’s panic attack public.

“Aurora started having real panic attacks when things got super stressful when were told we had to move,” Robyn said in a tweet.

“It was hard for her to think about moving again and she had a lot going on since it was her Junior year. It was super hard to see her struggle.”

Twitter; pictured above is one of Robyn’s tweets

“She has seen doctors to help her and we did a lot to support her through everything she was going through,” Robyn continued in an additional tweet.

“She is so accomplished and still is doing very well in school. She is my overachiever and expects a lot of herself. It was a very stressful hard time for her.”

“Aurora was given the choice whether to let her panic attack be included on the show. She just wanted to be able to talk about what it is like to have a panic attack too.”

“She wants to bring awareness so people are more sensitive and supportive to those who have them.”

What do you think? Should this have been included in the latest episode?

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