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She Freaked Out And Told Her Sister ‘Road Burgers’ Are Why She’s Fat, But Now She’s Asking The Internet If It Was A Malicious Thing To Do

This is a touchy subject. A woman freaked out on her sister and told her “road burgers” are why she’s fat.

But now, she’s asking the internet if it was a malicious thing for her to do to her own sister.

“Recently my sister and I signed up for the same spinning class,” she started out her post by saying.

“It’s been years since I’ve done any kind of physical activity with her. She started gaining weight a few years ago and never really stopped.”

“She claims she’s exercising every day and eating right but has no idea why she’s gaining still.”

“So it’s Wednesday night and we’re leaving class for dinner. She says she’s extra hungry since she skipped lunch.”

“So we go to McDonald’s. Yeah kinda counterintuitive but I was like whatever, a small burger won’t kill you.”

“We decide to drive-thru and eat at hers. She places her orders and I’m not really paying attention.”

“Then while I’m driving she starts eating this big chicken burger. I just thought “oh she’s hungry, guess she’ll only have fries later.”

“Well we get home and to my surprise, she takes out another WHOLE meal, like a Big Mac and everything.”

“I ask her about the chicken burger and she goes “oh I just wanted something for the road.” I was like ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

“That was a 10 min drive, do you normally get two burgers?”

“She gets mad and me and tells me everyone has “road food” which is like an extra portion to eat on the road?”

“She said it like it’s some kind of rule when you get fast food. I was pretty blunt I admit and said this is insane, “road food” is why you’re not losing weight then.”

“No one needs road food.”

She then asks if she was mean, “for telling her all this?”

“Honestly, I was in shock and I’ve never heard of “road food.” She got really mad and said this is totally normal, everyone does it.”

“I’m kinda in shock. I get maybe sneaking a few fries but a whole second meal?”

She then added more to her post, “Adding some more context to everyone asking about her diet, etc. She’s been actively trying to lose weight due to health issues popping up in the last year as a direct result of her weight.”

“I’ve just started to go with her to fitness classes because I know otherwise she’ll slack off without a buddy.”

“With the burgers, I know she eats fast food frequently because she hates cooking but she’s always told me she goes for the really light options.”

“But now I’m not so sure. What I was really disturbed at was how she was CONVINCED getting an extra meal for the road is normal and “everyone does it.”

“I’m frustrated because she came to me for support first and I’ve been taking this seriously. I’m even paying for her gym membership (unused until now) since her husband is such a d*ck about expenses.”

“I’m just angry she’s been sabotaging herself this entire time.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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