She Freaked Out On Her Brother After He Gave His Girlfriend Her Expensive Makeup For A Ridiculous Reason And Now She Wants Internet Opinions

A 21-year-old woman recently asked the internet for opinions after her brother gave his girlfriend her expensive makeup…

…For one ridiculous reason.

“I (21F) love makeup, and buy makeup that lasts longer and is of higher quality, but also thus more expensive,” she started out her post by saying.

“It’s worth it to me, however, and I save money from my paycheques every month to go towards these purchases.”

“I probably spend $80-100 a month on makeup.”

“When I got home from last night, my brother (28M) had his girlfriend over and they were watching a movie.”

“I said hello and went on to do my own thing for the rest of the night.”

“The next morning, when I went to put my makeup on, I couldn’t find either of my mascaras, my eyeshadow palette or my red lipstick.”

“I didn’t start to panic yet, as I thought it could’ve been me or my mom who just moved something temporarily.”

“My brother got up from bed during my search, however, and when he asked what I was looking for, I told him.”

“He said ‘Oh I lent that stuff to Kara. We’re going out to a fancy dinner tonight and she doesn’t have a lot of nice makeup.”

“I WAS PISSED. I asked him what gave him the right to lend MY makeup to his girlfriend without my permission.”

“He told me to chill out because he’d get it back from her tonight anyway.”

“I told him that wasn’t the point – it was MY stuff and he should’ve asked before just giving it to his girlfriend.”

“I told him I didn’t want her using my makeup because that’s totally unsanitary.”

“He got angry because I’ve let “Olivia borrow my mascara before” – Olivia is our sister, so to me sharing makeup with your sister (who reciprocates the favor) is a TOTALLY different story, and I wouldn’t let her borrow my lipstick.”

“He isn’t talking to me yet and is refusing to get my makeup back from his girlfriend until after their dinner tonight.”

“I don’t want to use makeup after his girlfriend I don’t know does.”

“I told him he owes me at the very least a new mascara and lipstick.”

“He says I’m being annoying and mean.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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