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Sibling Wants The Internet To Tell Them If They’re A Jerk For ‘Doubting’ The Death Of Their Brother’s Lying, Cheating Ex-Wife

One person said to them, “I mean, you’re absolutely right to be suspicious.”

“But you could have checked up on this yourself, rather than just telling your grieving brother “that sounds like bull.”

Another person replied, “OP could have done some investigating on their own without telling their brother that it sounds like bull.”

“Obviously I have no way of knowing and I’m sure stranger things have happened, but realistically, what are the chances that the ex faked her own death in order to scam OP’s brother out of the cost of part of a supposed cremation expense?”

“That’s pretty out there, even for someone who regularly takes advantage of others. If he thinks she’s dead, she can’t get any more money from him, can she?”

“Again, the world is a crazy place, but it’s much more likely that she’s actually dead. Either way, OP could have looked into it on their own. Look for an obituary, check her Facebook, contact mutual friends, etc.”

This sibling also said, “I will add this (Although I’m not sure it’s allowed?) – regardless of how it turns out, I don’t think I’m bringing it up to him again. I did a bit of research (that he wasn’t very happy about) and found nothing.”

“Zilch. Nada. It obviously upsets him and there’s really no victory in knowing the truth one way or another so it really just dies here.”

“I don’t know how to take it, but I do know this – If she really did pass then I’m definitely the biggest a**hole, regardless.”

“If she’s not, then for his sake, I hope that she keeps up the ruse because it’s better than watching him be upset at being lied to again.”

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