Sibling Calls Older Brother And Wife “Rabbits” After Announcing They’re Pregnant With Their 13th Child, Then Asks The Internet How Many Kids Are Too Many

A sibling recently hopped online to share their story. They called their older brother and his wife “rabbits” after announcing they are pregnant…

…With their 13th child.

They then asked the internet how many kids really are too many?

“Okay, so, long story. I am one of four kids, the second to last,” they started out their post by saying.

“My older brother, M, got married fairly young to his wife, J.”

“They were pregnant pretty quickly after the wedding and had their first kid.”

“In the years following they have had – wait for it – TWELVE kids since. Yes. 12.”

“The kids are currently aged 14, 13, 12, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, and then the current youngest are 3-year-old triplets.”

“Anyway, M and J were over at our parents’ place, where we all get together once a month without the kids.”

“The older grandkids usually band together and watch the younger ones, watch movies, play games, etc.”

“After eating, M announced they were pregnant again, with #13.”

“My older sister made a joke about hoping it wasn’t quadruplets this time, as she’s had a set of twins and the triplets. They laughed.”

“I’d had a bit to drink at this point, and without thinking said something like “jeez you guys are rabbits aren’t you? When do you even find the time to do it?”

“Cue the awkward glances, a little chuckle from my younger brother. M and J looked awkward.”

“Eventually, older sis said something about the comment, and I just kind of kept going with it? I doubled down, and was basically like “well, I mean, how many is too many? How are you even taking care of all of them? There’s a magical thing called control now, you know.”

“And looking at it now, that’s none of my business, really, but her pregnancies have been increasingly more difficult with every baby, and they ask for help with the younger ones frequently, to the point where if M is working, J will usually have at least one of the older kids at her house helping out.”

“She’s even kept her oldest four home from school when she needed help with the triplets.”

“A lot of it is really none of my business, but like I said, how many is too many?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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