Single Mom Asks The Internet If It’s Wrong Of Her To Be ‘Drugging My Kid’

A single mom recently hopped online to ask if it’s wrong of her to be “drugging my kid” for this reason.

“I (26-year-old female) am the mother of a 5-year-old beautiful girl. The only problem is she has my genetics…” she started out her post by saying.

“I had insomnia my entire life, took prescribed Ambien from 15 to till I got pregnant with my daughter at 20.”

“Since I am a single mom, I can’t be incapacitated by Ambien so I get around 3-4 hours a night and exist on coffee and the idea that I can sleep when she’s 18.”

“Unfortunately she’s inherited my sleep issues.”

“I’ve tried everything, she doesn’t have screen time, has never had caffeine, limit sugar (even natural like fruit) after 5 pm, use lavender, and a sleep routine.”

“No luck.”

So, this is what she did about it in an effort to help get her daughter to sleep at night.

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