Steve Irwin’s Daughter, Bindi Irwin, Just Got Married In A Guest-Free Ceremony: Here’s How She Met Her Husband And What Her Special Day Looked Like

Bindi Sue Irwin is the daughter of the late Steve Irwin, and she certainly takes after her dad!

Her Instagram account is full of super cool photos of her with different animals and creatures, including one of her letting a tarantula sit on her chest. Pretty brave…I don’t think I would be able to do that Bindi!

Bindi works at the Australia Zoo located in Queensland, and she recently got married in a guest-free ceremony due to everything that’s going on right now.

Bindi met her Floridian husband Chandler Powell back in 2013 after she gave him and his family a tour of the zoo.

Instagram; Chandler and Bindi are pictured above in 2013 after their zoo tour

Chandler posted a photo of him alongside Bindi after the tour, saying, “Spent yesterday at the Australia Zoo along with Bindi Irwin and staff! One of the most educational and inspirational experiences I’ve ever been a part of. Thanks for making it so amazing!”

Bindi shared the same photo on her Instagram account with the caption, “Legendary wakeboarder Chandler Powell and his beautiful family came into Australia Zoo yesterday. Wonderful Wildlife Warriors!”

Even though Chandler didn’t ask Bindi for her phone number after the tour, he did end up asking Bindi’s mom Terri if it would be ok for him to chat with her.

So, Chandler wrote Bindi letters and chatted with her on the phone over the course of several months, and the two officially started dating in 2015.

Instagram; Bindi is pictured above with a tarantula

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