Texas Mom Beheads Her 5-Year-Old Daughter, Stabs Her, Because ‘She Asked For Cereal’

Krystle Villanueva is just 27-years-old, and she’s already earned herself a spot behind bars for the rest of her life for what she so heartlessly did to her daughter.

Krystle was the mom of 5-year-old Giovanna Hernandez, whose family members affectionately called her “Gio.”

According to her obituary, Gio was “always singing, dancing, watching silly YouTube videos (she was so tech savvy from an early age!), playing with ShopKins, watching movies on Netflix with grandpa while he made her breakfast, and fighting over the remote with her grandma.”

“She enjoyed hosting tea parties with a set her grandparents gifted her and playing with her cousins.”

“Gio loved to spend time doing anything with her daddy, especially hugging.”

They lived in Kyle, Texas (which is slightly southwest of Austin) with Gio’s father and his parents.

On January 5th, 2017, a 911 came in from Krystle’s family home a little before 1 in the afternoon.

Her father-in-law was on the line, telling the operator that Krystle had come from behind him and attacked him without any provoking or warning.

Krystle had then stabbed him right in the back of his head, but he managed to get away from her.

Facebook; 5-year-old Gio smiles in the photo above

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