The Internet Had Some Hilarious Responses For This Woman Whose Younger Sister Moved In And Started Demanding She Stop Cuddling With Her Husband

If you’re living somewhere rent-free, there are just certain demands you aren’t entitled to make.

The internet had some hilarious responses for this woman whose younger sister moved in and started demanding she stop cuddling with her husband.

“My husband and I live in a two-bedroom apartment, and when colleges shut down my sister asked to stay with us because our parents are slightly insane,” this woman started out her post by saying.

“We obliged and she’s staying in what is normally my husband’s home office/computer room. He moved all his stuff to the master bedroom, which took a decent amount of effort.”

Super generous of this sister to accept her younger sister with open arms and let her stay with her and her husband, especially considering that means they will have even less space in their two-bedroom apartment.

“We normally watch TV together or sometimes he’ll play on the ps4 and I’ll watch and we’ll cuddle.”

“It’s not overtly sexual and we don’t make any noises, just a generic side hug and maybe some hand-holding.”

“I figure pretty normal stuff, even if we were in public.”

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