These Handmade Adorable Dog Toys Are Under $17 And You Might Enjoy Them More Than Your Best Friend Will!

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If there’s one thing I’m looking to purchase all year ’round, it’s something for my dogs!

I’m constantly on the lookout for toys they both will enjoy, but it doesn’t hurt if it ends up being something positively adorable that I will enjoy too.

If you share the same sentiment, do I have something for you! Etsy always has some amazing people creating clever things and these handmade toys from Mr. Paws Co are some of the coolest I’ve seen.

Check out these adorable dog toys under $17 that you might enjoy more than your best friend will!

Every single toy is made with non-toxic water-based inks, woven cotton canvas, and plush sherpa fur.

Petflix & Chill Set Of 4 Dog Toys

Petflix & chill dog toys Set of 4 dog toys Petflix image 0

If you love Netflix, this clever set of 4 streaming themed toys aptly called Petflix is a perfect pick!

This set includes a remote control, a bag of popcorn, a little wine glass, and the Netflix logo reworked to be more pet-friendly.

Each toy includes a squeaker, so it’s easy to keep your best friend entertained if they’re not so into the show you picked for the evening.

You can get this set here for $16.39!


Mutella dog toy Squeaker dog toy Plush sherpa fur backing image 0

We all know Nutella is not good for dogs, but that’s ok because Mutella is!

This cute little jar-shaped toy includes a squeaker and comes in small or large.

You can get this toy here starting at $9.83!

Lick-Fil-A Set Of 4 Dog Toys

Lick-Fil-A dog toys Set of 4 dog toys Burger dog toys image 0

Chick-Fil-A’s iconic spicy chicken sandwich and waffle fries are going to the dogs!

This set of 4 dog toys features a Lick-Fil-A logo, waffle fries, spicy chicken sandwich, and a drink.

Yes, there are squeakers in all 4 of these!

You can get this set here for $16.39!

Posh Dogs Set Of 4 Dog Toys

Posh Dogs Set of 4 dog toys Dog toy set Dog toys plush image 0

If your pooch is more on the posh side, check out this set!

This set of 4 dog toys comes complete with a ‘Chewnel’ pupfum bottle, ‘Pawda’ sunglasses, ‘Sniffany’ box and ‘Barkin’ bag.

How cute is that?!

You can get this set here for $16.39!

Starbarks Dog Toy

Starbarks dog name toy Custom name Personalized name dog image 0

Start your dog’s morning off right with a nice cup of Starbarks!

This dog toy does come with a squeaker, and you can pick from small or large.

You can also personalize it with your dog’s name, just like your real-life coffee order.

You can get this toy here starting at $9.83!

Goodboy Dog Toy

Goodboy Dog Toy 5 Colors to choose from Small and Large image 0

Move over, Gameboy!

This Goodboy Dog Toy is modeled after everyone’s favorite OG gaming console.

You can pick from small or large, and this toy also comes in yellow, purple, or green.

You can get this toy here starting at $9.83!

Sushi Dog Toy

Sushi dog toy Squeaker dog toy Plush sherpa fur backing image 0

Who doesn’t love sushi?

Now your dog can too! This dog toy is shaped like a little box of sushi and comes with a squeaker.

You can select from size small or large with this one.

You can get this toy here starting at $9.83!

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