These Teachers Launched A GoFundMe To Make Sure The 8,300 Kids In Their District Who Get Free Or Reduced Lunches Will Still Get Fed If Schools Close

One thing I haven’t stopped to consider in the current climate is that when schools close, it puts kids who get free or reduced meals at risk of going hungry.

How sad is that?

A group of teachers in Virginia have launched a GoFundMe to make sure the 8,300 kids they have in their district who get free or reduced lunches will still get fed if their schools close down.

Aaron Schuetz, Laurie Vena, and Deborah Waldro are the three teachers behind the campaign who teach at Yorktown High School.

Their district has not yet closed schools as of today, but they have stopped all field trips and non-school related events deemed not essential.

“For many of them, that might be the only two meals of the day that they get,” Laurie said to Good Morning America.

“For those students, the primary thing they need is food or they can’t learn anything from us.”

On their GoFundMe page, it says, “If schools close…these food-insecure families may face challenges feeding their families.”

“This problem may be compounded if employers start cutting hours or closing their doors and wage workers end up without work.”

The page goes on to say, “The objective of this campaign is to get $100 grocery gift card into the hands of every APS student that qualifies for free or reduced lunch. That’s $830,000.”

If their schools don’t close, this is their plan:

“We will still distribute the grocery cards as soon as possible. I’m guessing your family already filled their pantry “just in case”, right?”

“Let’s extend that sense of security to everyone. We have no doubt that the food will be well utilized by these families who struggle to live in our great community.”

As for how they are going to make sure the needy families and kids receive the grocery cards, they said this:

“We will work with each school and their food managers to connect the gift cards to the right students/parents.”

You can check out the GoFundMe here.

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