These YouTubers Bought $5,000 Of Toilet Paper To Build A Fort, Now They’re Giving It All Away To Those In Need

The YouTube pair known as MoreJStu is made up of Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites and they boast a following of more than 5 million people.

The duo purchased $5,000 of toilet paper several months ago back in October of 2019 and they used it all to build an enormous fort with it.

Now given the fact that people have panic-purchased toilet paper recently, making it nearly impossible to find rolls across the nation, Justin and Andrew are giving all their toilet paper away to those in need.

They currently have thousands of rolls leftover from building their fort, so they decided to drive around Colorado Springs and pass out the toilet paper to people that couldn’t get any for themselves.

Check out what they did and what people had to say to them, on the next page.

YouTube; Justin and Andrew start piling their toilet paper rolls into their truck, above

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