They Refused To Pay For Their Poor Friend’s Meal After She Spent Her Last $300 On A Tattoo Even Though They Told Her To Save It, Now They Need The Internet To Provide Feedback

Well, this situation to me just screams taking advantage of someone.

A person recently hopped online to ask for some internet feedback after they refused to pay for their poor friend’s meal.

But here’s the thing: she spent her last $300 on a tattoo, even though they insisted she should be saving her money. So are they really in the wrong here?

“So I have a friend who lost her job, she’s been looking for a new place to work and has gotten a few interviews and such but hasn’t secured a job yet,” they started out their post by saying.

“After a few weeks, she started to not go out, not really eat, not really do anything except watch Netflix and apply for jobs.”

“I kind of felt bad so I asked her if she wanted to hang out, but she’s not allowed to have guests over (she lives with her Grandma) so I offered to take her out, my treat. We ended up getting some grub, on me and it’s no big deal.”

“Part of one of the conversations we were having was that she planned on getting a $300 tattoo (this Tuesday that just happened).”

“I kinda joked with “yeah with what money?” To which she replied that it would pretty much be the last of her savings…”

“I replied with “maybe you should save it until you secure a job, the tattoo place will still be there(hopefully, yikes)when that happens and you might need some money for an emergency or something later”.”

“To which she just said her Grandma lets her live rent-free and buys her groceries so she’s not worried about it…”

“I kinda let it go and dropped the topic.”

“Fast forward to today, I text her asking to hang out and what kind of free things she likes to do; library, park, board games or something at my house, trying to hint that I wasn’t spending money this time. She picked going to the library.”

“On the way there she asked to stop for some food and I told her I’m okay with it, but I couldn’t pay for her this time (I’m saving for a new car, my current is under my sister’s name).”

“And she didn’t say anything, I pulled into the parking lot, went in and started ordering. She didn’t order.”

“I told her she could have told me she wouldn’t be getting anything and I wouldn’t have eaten in front of her out of respect.”

“She said it was fine all awkwardly, but then asked immediately if she could go home because she forgot she had to do family stuff.”

“She texted me about an hour ago saying how she was embarrassed that I ate in front of her with how hungry she was.”

“I told her she shouldn’t have gotten a $300 tattoo then and she said “I thought you’d be a friend and help me out”.

“I simply replied, “I tried to help by telling you to save your money and not get a tattoo, I’m not a free ATM I have bills and shit to save my money for too.”

“We have a group chat and everyone is shooting me dagger texts saying I should have just paid for her food, it was only going to be like $7, she’s in need, she would have paid for me, we pay for each other all the time. Etc. Etc.”

“I just felt like I was being used for her to get a free fast food meal and felt weird handing out money to someone who spent the last of her savings on a tattoo.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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