This CBS Anchor Is Opening Up About Her Awful Skin Condition In The Hopes Of Helping Other Women

Frances Wang is a news anchor and reporter for CBS Miami. Looking at her on TV, you would never guess she struggles with an absolutely awful skin condition.

She’s bravely opening up on social media about the condition she has, in the hopes of helping other women, and that’s why she has earned the title of Chicks We Love this week.

Instagram; Frances shared the above photos, where you can clearly see her skin condition

Frances is from California, but she moved to Miami for her job. She always had eczema, but it wasn’t very bad.

Frances figured the humidity in Miami might help her eczema, but it actually got worse.

Frances tried her best to cover up her face with makeup, but the eczema on her face was getting so bad, she decided to go see a dermatologist.

In one of her posts, Frances shared that the first dermatologist she saw prescribed her a steroid cream, but it only made everything spiral out of control.

“It’s my duty to share with you this PSA & warning. ⁣I’m sure there’s a bunch of other factors too, but all 4 dermatologists I’ve seen since believe that this was primarily steroid-induced,” Frances said on Instagram.

Instagram; Frances shared the above photo 

“LEFT: my face, no makeup in March after I used a bottle of steroid creams on my face prescribed for my eczema.”

“I had no idea what I was truly putting on my face – no proper instruction & no warnings.⁣⁣ A powerful quick fix.”

“RIGHT: my face, no makeup today after using TWO bottles. I was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis by 5 dermatologists but now that it’s spread to my forehead…”

“I guess it’s no longer just Perioral. I also recently discovered many other people with Topical Steroid Withdrawl (theirs are more extreme) who also were not properly diagnosed or warned.⁣⁣”

“This damage, as you can see, is done. Lots of trial & error & unknowns. I don’t blame anyone because, at the end of the day, I am my biggest advocate.”

“I learned my lesson the hard way and I’m still suffering – I really hope this will prevent someone else from going through the same physical, emotional, & psychological pain.”

Instagram; Frances shows different photos of her condition, above

“I’m honestly terrified of posting these pictures, but I’m also so tired of trying to hide it,” Frances shared on Instagram.

“Those of you who know me know that I love feeling free to go anywhere at any time not dressed up, with no makeup on.”

“Which is why it’s been so hard for me to go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right (what I look like currently). ⁣⁣”

She then went on to say that she started getting some nasty comments about her face, but she also got some comments from people wanting to try to help her.

“Between makeup & filters (and the ‘look away pose’ lol), most of you probably haven’t noticed…but now it’s getting harder to hide, especially on TV.”

“I’ve gotten a few mean comments, but also some really nice ones from people who are just concerned or want to help. Never in my life have I felt more self-conscious.”

Frances deserves a round of applause for so bravely putting herself out there and sharing her story!

You can follow her on Instagram here.

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