This Mom Of 2 Lost It On Her Childless Sister For Rudely Reprimanding Her Kids For Everything But Now Wants To Know If She Shouldn’t Have

A mom of two recently asked the internet to weigh in on her situation. She lost it on her childless sister for rudely reprimanding her kids for pretty much everything.

Now, she’s not so sure if this was the right thing to do and wants to know if she shouldn’t have done this.

“My sister lived in the family home until recently as she and her husband are divorcing,” she started out her post by saying.

“They tried for years to have a baby and ultimately succeeded, but they lost their son to SIDS when he was around 3 weeks old.”

“It’s been 8 years and she’s still grieving, which I completely understand as if I lost either of my sons I’d probably grieve forever, too.”

“She’s decided to sell the house and she approached us and said if we were the buyers she’d sell for way below market value in order to keep it in the family. I have 2 sons, ages 2 and 9.”

“The completion date was the end of February. Due to some complications, my sister’s flat isn’t ready yet, and it’s looking like a few months of problems.”

“My sister has said she will move out at the end of this month to a different flat that charges rent by the month until her new place is ready.”

“So this means that for the whole of March she has been/will be living with us in the family home.”

“I did not begrudge this as it is her home, too, and made the offer for her to stay until her flat is totally ready, but she declined.”

“I like to think my sons are good kids. Not angels by any means but well behaved, the 9-year-old cleans up after himself, there’s no conflict with the boys, and my husband and I rarely have to reprimand either boy (this is mainly about the 9-year-old because the 2-year-old is 2 and rarely causes issues).”

“My sister, however, sees things differently.”

“Every time either boy has done anything since we moved in she’s had issues. My 2-year-old was reading one of his books with sound effects and when he hit a button she yelled at him for making too much noise.”

“She’s also yelled at my 9-year-old more than once for normal 9-year-old things like not wanting to take a bath.”

“And this isn’t a light reprimand, this is actual yelling at him with the occasional insult.”

“Tonight he was doing his homework at the kitchen counter under my supervision, my sister walked in and began yelling at him about the “mess” (his exercise book and a couple pens/pencils) and saying the kitchen looked like a pigsty.”

“It was at this point I asked to speak to her in another room and tell her that this is not on and she cannot yell at my kids.”

“Things escalated quickly from there and she said that “if you’re not going to parent them properly, someone should” and I responded that “just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you can parent other peoples'”.

“She went upstairs, packed a bag, and is now staying with our parents. My sons didn’t hear but I relayed it to my husband.”

“He agrees with me in principle because he didn’t like how she was speaking to the boys, either, but says the way it happened neither of us came off great.”

“My parents called and said that she’s with them now, in tears, and that I need to apologize. I do not want to do this because she’s not got any intention of apologizing to me.”

She also went on to add, “I know I should have said/done something sooner, and I probably wouldn’t have exploded the way I did last night if I had nipped this in the bud, but my son says the majority of comments were times me or my husband were in another room and while I believe my son I couldn’t say with 100% certainty that it definitely happened exactly how he said it did.”

“She’s said a couple of things in front of me before but never as bad as last night, and when I have tried to correct her in the moment she’s maintained that mentality of “I’m the older sister, you can’t tell me what to do” so I was trying to walk the line and it ended with me losing my shit because I bottled it up.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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