Wife Asks The Internet If She Shouldn’t Have Snapped At A Woman Who Called Her Husband ‘Her Gay Best Friend’

A wife recently hopped online to ask the internet if she shouldn’t have snapped at a woman who called her husband “her gay best friend.”

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“To clarify some things, my husband and I are both bisexual. No one can usually tell that about me, but on the other hand, my husband is very feminine, “flamboyant” and basically the stereotypical gay man.”

“He also speaks with the so-called “gay voice”. Almost everyone assumes that he is gay when they first meet him unless I’m there to introduce myself as his wife.”

“What I’m trying to say here is that yes, it’s very easy to perceive my husband as gay and not bisexual, and that is not the reason why I snapped.”

“My husband has this straight female coworker, let’s call her Sarah (obviously fake name). The first time I met Sarah was at a party, where all of this went down.”

“My husband had never met up with her outside of work, and the few times he had mentioned her was mostly him complaining about her being too clingy and overbearing at work.”

“He described her acting in a way which, to me, sounded a lot like she had a crush on him.”

“During the party, me and a few other people started chatting. Sarah was one of those people. The LGBT topic came up (can’t remember how) and I mentioned that I was bisexual.”

“To that, Sarah says “oh, I have a gay BFF, his name is [insert my husband’s name]!” I asked if it was [husband’s name] from [husband’s workplace], and she said yes.”

“I told her that clearly he didn’t consider her to be his BFF, as otherwise, she would’ve known that he is bisexual and married to a woman.”

“She looked taken aback and asked me for proof about him being 1) bisexual and 2) married. I just pointed at my wedding ring. A few of the people with us (mostly me and my husband’s mutual friends) burst out laughing, and Sarah looked extremely humiliated.”

“Well, after that went down my husband never complained about Sarah being too clingy/overbearing again, so I guess something positive came out of it.”

“What made me snap was that I knew that this was the woman who had been making my husband’s workdays more stressful by being so clung to him.”

“But my intention was never to humiliate her in front of other people, and that makes me feel like I might be TA.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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