Wife Ignored Husband And Refused To Tip Mentally Handicapped Waitress, Now She’s Begging The Internet To Understand Her

This is definitely not a situation we come across every day on the internet.

A wife ignored her husband and refused to tip a mentally handicapped waitress, and now she’s begging the internet to hear her out about it and understand where she’s coming from…

…Because she thinks she has a very valid reason.

Here’s the whole scoop for you below.

“My husband and I have been disagreeing about this for a few weeks now,” she started out her post by saying.

“My husband and I go to the local WaffleHouse about twice a month and know most of the waitresses and cooks.”

“In the past (and still as far as I know) we have had a good rapport with all of them.”

“I almost always tip 40% or more as I know that we can afford it and we always get excellent service.”

“Recently however WaffleHouse hired a new waitress who clearly has a mental disability.”

“Now, this doesn’t bother us so we have no problem with her taking our order.”

“However the problem began when she started telling my husband that he was “very good looking” and asking him “can you take me on a date?”

“To be honest it didn’t really bother me the first few times she said it but she just wouldn’t let it go.”

“When it was time to get out glasses refilled she refilled his but shot me a dirty look when I asked her for a refill as well.”

“This kind of behavior went on throughout the course of the meal.”

“When the meal was over and my husband asked me how much to tip in a $32.44 ticket I told him to leave the change so .56 cents.”

“He didn’t say anything at the time but later when we got home he told me that it bothered him that I didn’t tip her well and that she only acted that way because of her disability.”

“My argument is if she can work there than she can do so without harassing clients.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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