Woman Asks The Internet If She’s Mean For Taking Back The Honeymoon Plane Tickets She Bought For Her Spoiled Rotten Little Sister After She Did This

Well, there’s a pretty good reason behind this one. Ok, there might be several.

A woman asks the internet if she’s mean for taking back the honeymoon plane tickets she bought for her spoiled rotten little sister…

…After she did this.

“So my younger sister, let’s call her Nia (24F) got married a few months back,” she stars her post out by saying.

“A bit of backstory: She was born 2 months premature with a hole in her heart, which ended up healing by itself but she was in the NICU for about 2 weeks before she was allowed to go home.”

“This seemed to have traumatized my parents quite a bit so growing up Nia got what Nia wanted regardless of what that meant for her older siblings.”

“I had gotten married 3 years prior, and my husband and I live in a different country.”

“I come from a strictly middle-class family and my husband is very well off compared to us. I had two wedding ceremonies, one in my country and one in his.”

“As his family is rich, the wedding ceremony in his country was much more extravagant than the one we had in mine.”

“My sister had started saying things like “what your family can afford isn’t enough for you is it?”. This hurt, especially since my parents wouldn’t stand up for me or admit that the only thing that they paid for was my wedding dress – which they considered to be my wedding gift from them and was relatively inexpensive.”

“The minute my sister announced her engagement it seemed like she wanted to one-up my ceremony even though she didn’t have the financial means to do so.”

“She would say things like “my soft blush theme is going to look so much better than your gold theme, it was so tacky” or making our father dish out $6k on her wedding dress and laughing because they didn’t spend anywhere near that much on mine.”

“The expenses kept mounting and she and the groom couldn’t afford it and it was basically on my parents to finance the whole thing and they begged me to foot some of the bills.”

“I ended up paying for the catering. For the 200 guests she had invited.”

“Fast forward to two months before the wedding and she goes “since you haven’t bought me a gift yet, how about paying for our flight tickets to our honeymoon?” I wanted to say no, but my parents guilt-tripped me and I did have a soft spot for my little sister so I caved.”

“She wanted to go on her honeymoon to the same country I went to for mine.”

“I bought her economy class tickets on Singapore airlines, as it had the least amount of transit time and Changi Airport was a super nice place to transit anyways.”

“She glared daggers at me once I handed her the ticket.”

“Soon, I found out from my cousin that she was grumbling about how I was such a cheapskate since I didn’t buy her business class seats instead.”

“Apparently “she married rich. This is the least that she could do.” It all came to a head when she confronted me in front of our parents for being an “unfeeling sister” knowing they would side with her.”

“They started pestering me and I went home, and kind of broke down in front of my husband.”

“He was pissed and got the tickets refunded the next day. I didn’t stop him.”

“Later, they had to go on a budget airline.”

“They still vilify me about this to this day and I’m starting to feel very guilty.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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