15-Year-Old Girl Asks The Internet If She’s Wrong For Leaving Home Because Her Mom And Step-Dad Want Their Newborn To Share Her Room While She Raises It For ‘Practice’

This is definitely messed up, and the internet agrees. A 15-year-old girl asked if she’s in the wrong for leaving home because her mom and step-dad want their newborn to share her room while she helps raise it for “practice.”

“I (15-year-old female) live with my mom (33-year-old female) and stepfather (55-year-old male),” she starts out by explaining.

“My stepfather, we’ll call him Dave, married my mom a year ago and is not someone I get along with.”

“He’s much older than my mom by 20 years and creeps me out.”

“Well, a week ago my mom told me and my brother (16-year-old male) she’s pregnant (apparently she’s 4 months along).”

“Neither of us were happy about it because we both don’t like babies/kids, and it came as a shock since we’re both in high school.”

“To make it worse, my mom told me the baby would be sharing my room.”

“I was upset about that, but figured the baby would at least be in Dave and my mom’s bedroom for the first few months – but I was wrong because they meant AS SOON as it’s born.”

“Her reasoning was because Dave “can’t be woken up because he works long hours during the day and it would be “easier” since I’m in high school” and in Daves words, “I’m a girl so it’ll be like practice when I have my own kids” Which DOES NOT make any sense to me!”

“I was LIVID.”

Oh, it gets worse.

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