15-Year-Old Girl Asks The Internet If She’s Wrong For Leaving Home Because Her Mom And Step-Dad Want Their Newborn To Share Her Room While She Raises It For ‘Practice’

“When I was 7 or 8, I had a best friend with a newborn brother who had colic.”

“And that baby screamed the house down at all hours of the day and night, I’m not about to deal with having a screaming baby keeping me up all night in my room with dirty diapers with NO privacy.”

“Me and my mom got into a huge fight and I ended up calling my dad telling him the situation.”

“He sided with me and came to get me the next day. She wasn’t happy when I left and blew up my phone telling me I’m selfish, how I should be happy to have a new family member, that I’m obligated to help them out with the baby when it comes etc.”

“My dad and stepmom told me I could live with them full time, which I would honestly love because their house is really cool (they own a ranch) and they’ve always been super down to earth.”

“They live 3 hours away so I’d have to switch schools but I’m honestly fine with that.”

“As for my brother, he wants to come live with our dad too because he doesn’t want to live with a baby.”

“My mom is very angry with me and keeps blowing up my phone, but I haven’t spoken to her. I could hear her and my dad arguing over the phone about me.”

“I love my mom, but since Dave, she always sides with him.”

“He’s so misogynistic and creepy, and the fact that he impregnated her and expects me to be a second mom to their baby is ridiculous.”

“My mom and me had a decent relationship before Dave came,” she added. “She’s always been selfish with getting her way, but it’s gotten very very bad after her and Dave got together. It’s basically either her way or the highway.”

“My brother said she’s been crying a lot and keeps trying to convince me to come back and makes me feel guilty.”

“A few of my other family members on Dave’s side are also saying that I’m selfish and a bad sister/daughter for making my mom so upset.”

“I feel bad, but I just don’t think I could room with a newborn baby.”

“It’s HER baby, HER obligation,” one person said. “You are under NO obligation to 1, be happy for her, or 2, care for it!!”

“Especially not for “practice”, gross. Go and live with your dad, best of luck!”

“I’m literally hurting reading this,” another person replied. “I can’t believe when parents put their new partners or spouses before their children, especially since Dave has been blatantly creepy towards you.”

“It’s great that you have a supportive dad and it sounds like you have an awesome brother.”

Someone else weighed in with, “I feel like the practice comment is extra gross because (your) mom had her first two kids at about (your) age and the step-dad clearly knows this.”

“It reads a lot like, “you need to practice raising babies because I expect you to get knocked up any day now, just like your mother.” That’s totally a super healthy expectation to have for a young teenager… no, wait. It’s not.”

And then she gave us an update on how everything is going.

“Wow!! I didn’t expect so much support from so many people! It’s only been 2 hours since I’ve posted this, but my mom is still sending me endless texts and trying to call me, so I’ve taken the advice of some of you and blocked her for now.”

“I sent her a message from my dad’s phone (with his full support and permission) telling her I don’t want to speak with her and that there’s nothing left for me to say.”

“Before Dave, me and her had a good relationship and had I known she had so many screwed up opinions I would have been with my dad this whole time.”

“I’ve been finding stuff out about my mom and Dave and it’s disturbing, to say the least.”

“Me and my brother have been speaking this whole time and we’re coming to get him this weekend. He’s also bringing some of my stuff too. I’ll keep updating as the situation evolves!”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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