22-Year-Old Found Dumped And Run Over In An Alleyway With A Man’s DNA Under Her Fingernails, But He Was Never Charged With Her Murder

Taylor was found dumped in an alleyway in St. Pete, Florida, by a man who was looking for cans to recycle. Her legs had been splayed open across the sandy ground underneath her.

She had been beaten, bruised, and stripped of nearly all of her clothes. The only thing she had on was a grey t-shirt that had been yanked up under her head, baring all of her.

Taylor had been bitten by bugs and run over with a car. There were tire tracks clearly imprinted into her lifeless body.

The scene inside was just as strange as the outside; Taylor had bruises, abrasions, and cuts all over the inside of her mouth.

The inside of her eyes had spots of color caused by bleeding, which the medical examiner later claimed was the worst case of petechiae he had come across in his career.

Taylor’s death was deemed a homicide. The medical examiner determined she had been asphyxiated to death.

How did Taylor end up like this?

Facebook; Taylor is pictured above with headphones in

Taylor really struggled with addiction. It started when she was 18, stopped while she was pregnant, and resumed after she had a cesarean section and was prescribed certain things to manage the pain.

Taylor just couldn’t kick her pill problem, even after her parents desperately tried to intervene and help her.

“We did everything you could possibly imagine to get her help and get her clean,” Taylor’s mom Leslie told ABC Action News.

“Addiction does not pick people. She was not ready to make those decisions, I guess, and it took her down a really dark path.”

After a time, Taylor started a relationship with a much older man in his 50s who had a pretty lengthy criminal history. His charges included aggravated assault and several charges for drugs.

His name is Robert Butler III, and he’s the heir of a chain flooring company called Bob’s Carpet and Flooring, that his own father started.

The relationship that Taylor and Robert had was more of an arrangement. Taylor had moved in with Robert before she was murdered, and they essentially had a standard sugar daddy style agreement.

Robert gave Taylor pills and money, and she did certain things for him in exchange for that. Her parents have shared in a Facebook post, “Taylor was living at Butler’s residence the night she was murdered. Taylor was introduced to him by someone she knew and he became obsessed with her.”

“He began taking advantage of her addiction, supplying her with drugs, money, and clothes. He then had her move in with him and became extremely controlling.”

The very last time Taylor was seen alive ended up being while she was at Robert’s house in Palm Harbor. And then, she ended up in the alleyway.

 St. Petersburg Police Department; Robert Butler III is pictured above in a mugshot

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