A Nurse Used GoFundMe To Raise Money To Buy Protective Equipment For Her Hospital And Gets Suspended From Her Job Over It

This is something we have been hearing for weeks now: protective equipment is pretty scarce across the country, which is putting all our healthcare workers on the front lines at risk.

Masks, gloves, protective gowns are certainly not becoming any easier to find, as we hear more and more stories about nurses and doctors opening up online about this.

We already talked about one nurse who was forced to quit her job after her manager refused to let her wear an N95 mask she had bought on her own due to shortages at her hospital.

We also heard from a nurse who slammed people online for saying that this is what healthcare workers are signing up for.

Now, a nurse is being suspended from her job, because she used GoFundMe to raise money to buy protective equipment for her hospital.

Here’s the whole story on what sadly happened to her. 

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