After A Virtual Date With Some Girl, This Guy Was Given A Fake Number Which Actually Belonged To A Pretty Actress And Here’s The Most Amazing Quarantine Love Story For You

Are you ready for an amazing quarantine love story? Mike is a 30-year-old man living in Cleveland who works as an English teacher.

He went on a virtual Hinge date with some girl, and she ended up giving him a fake number at the end of it.

Side note: girls, no. Just no. Do not ever do this. If you’re not interested in someone, just be honest…and kind while doing it.

Moving on: Mike adorably sends a text to who he thought was this rando Hinge girl saying it was cool getting to meet her.

He also took a picture of a delicious Lemon Bundt Cake that appears to have been a topic of conversation on their date.

Well…the person he texted was not this Hinge girl. Here’s who it ended up being and what happened between them.

Twitter; pictured above is the text Mike sent to who he thought was the Hinge girl

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