After A Virtual Date With Some Girl, This Guy Was Given A Fake Number Which Actually Belonged To A Pretty Actress And Here’s The Most Amazing Quarantine Love Story For You

Hinge girl, who we find out is named Leah, gave Mike a completely fake number. He got a reply back from a Codie, a 26-year-old actress who also works in fashion and who shared later on that she was dumped a few weeks ago.

Codie was working in New York City but then moved home with her mom to Cleveland due to quarantine. So weirdly enough, it turns out they both are in the same city.

Codie replies back to Mike, explaining he definitely got the wrong number, but their texts don’t stop there!

Twitter; pictured above is one of the text exchanges between Mike and Codie

Instead of that being that while Leah gets exposed for giving out a fake number, Mike and Codie continue talking to one another.

Codie even ended up sending a selfie to Mike, and he sent one back. “Flattery has the potential to take him far,” Codie joked, sharing how Mike reacted to the photo of herself she sent him.

Codie is pretty and also pretty adorable for getting herself into a cute quarantine love story.

Also, she thinks Mike is cute, in case you were wondering. Leah, you missed out big time girl.

I guess it went really well because it seems that they totally hit it off and they decided to FaceTime one another!

Codie hysterical explained that she didn’t really pack anything cute for Cleveland because you know, nobody thinks they need to look great in quarantine. She then shares an update, saying she hasn’t worn makeup in a while, she forgot to pack hair products, and she is wearing perfume for their virtual date.

Codie also said on Twitter that she had an excellent first date with Mike and they have a second one lined up soon! Oh, and Mike knows about this entire Twitter thread and thinks it’s great.

I’m hoping we get more updates on this awesome quarantine love story!

You see the original Twitter thread here.

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