Ashley Graham Opens Up To Naomi Campbell About Being Body Shamed By Another Model Who Said She Was Too Big To Ever Be On A Cover Of Sports Illustrated

It was back in 2016 that Ashley Graham officially became the very first plus-size model to ever land a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.

She was a size 16 at the time, in stark contrast to the women the publication normally featured.

While for the most part she was widely applauded for such a major body-positive win, she had some critics in there too that did not agree with her being the cover girl.

Yesterday on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series called No Filter with Naomi, Ashley opened up to her about being body-shamed by another model, who said she was too big to ever land that cover.

Well, she sure showed her!

“You know what, Naomi, actually it was right after that cover that I met you,” Ashley tells Naomi, talking about her iconic cover on Sports Illustrated.

“It was at the CFDA’s and we were walking onto a red carpet. We had just had a quick conversation because there was another model who was so upset that I had gotten the cover and she said I was very large and that women my size should not be on the cover.”

“Who said that?” Naomi asked her.

“You can go look it up…she was before your generation,” Ashley replied.

“Well, I’ll defend you again right now because I don’t think that person had the right to say that. It’s your time now,” Naomi commented back.

We know who that model is, and here’s what she said.

YouTube; Ashley talks to Naomi, above

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